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In the FAUVISM series ( my most recent portrait work ), I break away from my traditional photorealistic painting style and explore a freer, somewhat looser approach. Using large swaths of color and movement, I've painted portraits of familiar faces of today to those of decades and centuries past. Compared to my photoreal paintings, I am able to complete a fauvism painting much quicker, and because I am a prolific painter, I can price these originals extremely reasonably.  Contact me for a custom commission acquisition.

Click on each image for size, medium, and price.


The paintings in this series give the viewer a glimpse of the 'Roadside Americana' style that Guçwa became most noted for. They capture the quickly fading roadside icons of the mid-20th-century. It is through this style that the artist earned the title of 'Kingneon.  

Click on each image for Size, Medium, and price

A M E R I C A N    M O T O R C Y C Y C L E   P A I N T I N G S

In 1998, I was made an Offically Licensed  fine artist for Harley-Davidson, Chevrolet/Corvette, and Mattel Toys/Hot Wheels Division. 

I still accept commissions from proud Harley or Corvette owners.

Click on each image for Size, Medium, and Price

E Q U I N E    P A I N T I N G S

In the Spring of 2021 Gucwa began his Equine Series.  Throughout 2021 he will mostly concentrate on photoreal paintings of horses.  Some may include their trainers and/or owners. 


Charlie and Toto,   acrylic/canvas,  30" H x 40" W   c.2021 James Gucwa    $9,000.

End of Day

End of Day,    acrylic/canvas,   18" H x 40"W       c. 2021  James Gucwa      $5500. 


"Sweetgrass'  acrylic/canvas, 24" H x 30" W   c.2021  James Gucwa   $8000. 

'High Noon'

High Noon,  Acrylic/canvas. 30"H x 40"W x 1.75."  c. 2021   James Gucwa   $9,000.. 

Field of Gold with Apache girl.jpg

Field of Gold with Apache Girl,    acrylic/canvas,    24"H x 30"W       N/A

L A N D S C A P E    P A I N T I N G S

Superstitions II

'Superstitions'          acrylic/canvas,     30" x 40"                              SOLD

Sedona Red Rock WIX.jpg

'Sedona Red Rock,        acrylic/canvas,    30" x 40"                             $9,000. 

Wood Pass

'Wood Pass'  acrylic/canvas,  11.75 x 13.75,                                          $1500.

A D D I T I O N A L   A V A I L A B L E   P A I N T I N G S  &  L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N S 

Although the primary subject of my work has been vintage neon signs, over the years I've painted various subjects just for fun and to experience a change. In this category, I've posted several of them along with available reproductions of various subjects.

 O R I G I N A L    P A I N T I N G S


'Mark' acrylic/canvas, 36"x 28",    $8000 

Winter's End.jpg

'Winter's End'   acrylic/panel, 10.75"x 10.625" Framed, 



'Debra'   acrylic/canvas,  36" x 28"                    $8000. 

Winter's End Detail.jpg

'Winter's End'   Detail

Happy Trails

'Happy Trails'   acrylic/canvas, 14" x 18"                                           $2500. 

Jeannie 2.jpg

'Jeannie'        acrylic/panel,        36" x 36"                                     $7500. 

L I M I T E D     E D I T I O N S


'Hi-Life'         Giclee'/archival paper, Artist's Proof, 21.5" x 9.5"                  $1500. 


'High Velocity'  Giclee on canvas,  Artist's Proof,   32" x 32" x 2"             $2500. 

bel air.jpg

'Bel- Air'  Giclee/ archival paper, Artist's Proof, image size 14.5" x 20",               $1200.


'56 on 66'   Limited Edition Giclee' /archival paper,  #3/95,  20.25" x 14".                                         $1500.  


'Arts'   Limited Edition Giclee on archival paper #3/200,  16.50" x 19.50.                                                                                                                        $1200.  

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