"In the FAUVISM series, the artist's most recent work, Guçwa breaks away from his traditional photorealistic painting style and explores a freer, more rapid approach. Using large swaths of color and movement, Guçwa vividly captures popular icons of today to those of decades and centuries past." Compared to my photoreal paintings, I am able to complete a fauvism painting much quicker and because I am very prolific, prices of these originals are extremely reasonable.. Contact the artist for acquisition.

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Making way for new art and inspiration Guçwa is clearing out his studio through a retrospective of work from the 90's and early 00's. This retrospective features a glimpse of the 'Roadside Americana' style that Guçwa was a pioneer of and captures the picturesque scenery of beloved mid-century highway relics. It is through this style that the artist first gained international notoriety and earned the title 'Kingneon', capturing the hearts of collectors like legendary rock icon Alice Cooper. Additionally, this showcase features Guçwa's exploration into traditional tattoo art style and includes the last remaining available pieces from his time as an "Officially Licensed" Harley Davidson artist. These pieces range from original paintings to Giclee prints and canvas prints.  Contact the artist for acquisition.

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In the Spring of 2021 I began my Equine Series.  Throughout 2021 I will mostly concentrate on photoreal paintings of horses.  Some will include their trainers and/or owners. 


'Charlie,' acrylics on canvas,  30" H x 40" W x 2" W.  

End of Day

'End of Day,'  acrylic on canvas, 18" H x 40"W x 2" D


"Sophie'   acrylic on canvas,  24" H x  30" W x 2" D.