art intro

I am a painter. 

I eat, I sleep, and I paint.

Now that may sound boring to you.

But that is not the case for me. 

I'm compelled.

I'm obsessed.

I'm happiest when I'm pushing paint around.

I like to turn nothing into something.

It's as simple as that.

I created this page because the new paintings here signify a different direction of sorts.  At the end of 2021, I decided to combine elements of realism with elements of abstraction. Since I am a prolific painter I will be adding these new paintings regularly on this page.  I hope you visit often, and invite your friends to have a look. Thanks.

'BEN'  acrylic/canvas  30" H x 40" W       $5500.      c. 2022   James Gucwa

The edges have been painted.  This painting is ready to hang.


'BEN'    Detail.

The Roman  Singulart.jpg

'THE ROMAN'   acrylic/canvas   18"H x 30"W   $3000.           c. 2022  James Gucwa

The Roman DETAIL Singulart.jpg


'SENTINELS 4' Singulart.jpg

''SENTINELS  4'    acrylic/canvas   11"H x 13.5" W     $1150.     c.  2022   James Gucwa

Sentinels 4 DETAIL  Singulart.jpg