"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."     


- Albert Schweitzer

James 'Kingneon' Gucwa holding his painting, 'Ranch Motel' at his studio home.

James 'Kingneon' Guçwa was born with a paint brush in his hand. There was never any doubt that, one way or another, he would become a professional fine art painter. This was his dream.

After obtaining a BFA in painting, he yearned for more and began additional study as a private student at the Dan Welden Lithographic Studio in Long Island, N.Y. and then as a painting apprentice in the art studio of the late contemporary painter, Gregory Gillespie, in Belchertown, Massachusetts.


The French post-impressionist, Paul Gauguin, moved to Tahiti to live and paint its people and tropical landscape. Admiring this artist's choice, Guçwa left for the island of Jamaica to do the same.

James’ first large scale mural was commissioned by the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis where he painted The History of Memphis mural. At the Mesa Southwest Museum, in Mesa Arizona, he was commissioned to paint six, large, historical murals.

The artist in studio painting a large diorama mural for the Mesa Southwest Museum.

Since 1986 he’s had one-man exhibitions year after year in some of the finest galleries in the country, from Miami to Scottsdale to Santa Monica to San Francisco and ultimately N.Y.C.  He is often referred to as 'Kingneon' because of the hundreds of canvases he has painted of the American roadside, mostly using the subject of vintage neon signs.

In 1998 Harley-Davidson, Chevrolet/Corvette and Mattel Toys/Hot Wheel Division made him an “Officially Licensed” fine artist.

Over the years there have been numerous feature stories of Guçwa’s paintings in art magazines, newspapers and books, along with various interviews on TV.  Signs of Art, the photoreal art of James ‘Kingneon’ Guçwa has been published in both hard and soft cover editions.

After painting for decades as a photorealist, he recently broke away from gallery representation, but hasn’t retired his paintbrush. This change and independence has allowed him more freedom to experiment in new painting styles, along with greater flexibility in pricing his originals.

One of Gucwa's Fauvism style paintings of Grace Jones.

James will paint any subject of your choice, photo-realistically or in his more recent Fauvism style. He also does caricature and portrait work. The good news is that he will work with you to paint an original that fits into your budget. If you like his work, he suggests you contact him directly.

In addition to painting, Guçwa has published two novels and one non-fiction book. He also plays saxophone professionally and enjoys chess.