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James is available for commissions of all kinds-- from photorealistic to fauvism paintings of a scene of your choosing.  Portraits, caricatures, murals, and more. Get in touch via email to discuss details.


















Here are a few samples of the affordable portrait and caricature styles available.

James at his easel painting 'Ranch Motel.

"Send me a photograph and I'll paint it"

'Coop's Lodge' is an acrylic on canvas I painted for Alice Cooper.
Alice Cooper standing with 'Western Motel.'

Legendary rocker and art collector Alice Cooper had me paint these neon sign paintings to pair with the assortment of other Kingneon paintings he owns.








Here's the finished commissioned painting of one of my collector's three prized Harley's.
Kingneon's completed painting of 'Tokyo.'

A Harley owner in Florida had this commission

painted of three of his prize motorcycles.






A photo of Tokyo was sent in from a California psychiatrist.

I think he wanted to see if I was crazy enough to paint it.

I was, and this is the result. It measured about 12ft wide.

The completed 'Viper' painting.

Another client asked for a painting of their stunning

Viper at Fools Hollow Lake.

They already owned two of my originals then commissioned me to paint this 60" x 48" painting called, 'Caboose.'



Self Portrait in Photoreal Style

Portrait of the Artist (2)(1).jpg

Self Portrait in Fauvism Style

I love to paint portraits, large or small.  I can paint it in a photorealistic or Fauve style (see my Fauvism series). It can include one or more people and together, we can create any background your imagination could conceive. Contact me and we can discuss the possibilities. 


In this case, the client wanted a the van Gogh painting, Starry Night painted on his living room wall. 

starry start
starry middle email  copy.jpg
starry night.jpg
jim w starry 2.jpg
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