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Greasewood Flat    acrylic/canvas  32 x 40"   c. James Gucwa 2023

A collector of my art commissioned me to paint the once popular entry to

Greasewood Flat (now closed). He wanted a dramatic Arizona sunset included. This is the result. He loved it.

Alice with painting email.jpg

Western Motel   acrylic/canvas   48"x64"    c. James Gucwa

This long-time famous rocker loves my art. He commissioned me to paint this canvas for him. Great guy, great musician, and great collector. Thanks, Alice.

In Armenia        acrylic/canvas        24"x32"        c. James Gucwa 2014

An American documentary filmmaker shooting in Armenia asked me to paint this scene along the Armenian countryside. He wanted a typical Armenian language roadside sign to be included. Once again a happy client.

Heritage on the Alaskan Highway           acrylic/canvas             48"x64" c. James Gucwa  2014

A dentist living in Yukon, Canada wanted an original painting of his Harley Heritage sitting near a bridge along the Alaskan Highway. I liked the result, so did he.

Hungry Buffalo      acrylic/canvas     40"x50"     c. James Gucwa  2019

The owner of an Arizona Steakhouse named The Hungry Buffalo commissioned me to paint a buffalo for his entryway. Happy campers all.

Happy Birthday, Dad      acrylic/canvas    40"x32"    c. James Gucwa 2018

A Chicago businessman contacted me. He wanted to give his beloved father a special gift for his birthday, The father's small dog standing in front of a painting in the father's house was the deciding subject. Now there's a good son.

Caboose   acrylic/canvas    64"x48"     c. James Gucwa   2015

Another of my collectors wanted me to paint a canvas of a caboose from the rear. He asked me to include the Santa Fe logo. He and his wife were delighted.

Three Palms       acrylic/canvas      16"x24"        c. James Gucwa  2017

My wife and I wanted to spend a few weeks in Hawaii. An art gallery owner in Oahu, Hawaii liked my art. When I discovered he owned a beachfront home I asked if he was willing to barter with me: This painting of 3 palms in front of his 5 bedroom beachfront home on the North Shore of Oahu we the trade we made. For a few weeks we occupied his beautiful house. Smiles all around.

James est disponible pour des commandes de toutes sortes - des peintures photoréalistes aux peintures fauvistes d'une scène de votre choix.  Portraits, caricatures, fresques murales, etc. Contactez-nous par e-mail pour discuter des détails.


















Voici quelques exemples de styles de portrait et de caricature abordables disponibles.

James at his easel painting 'Ranch Motel.

Let me paint a custom subject of your choice.

Above are a few commissions I've painted for clients. In all my years I have never had a dissatisfied customer. Guaranteed satisfaction. I'll try my best to work within your budget. You can even get in-progress photos if you'd like. Let's talk. Call me directly at 928 358 1558 MST (no text). I'm waiting.

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