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اللجان   مرحبًا به

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Greasewood Flat    acrylic/canvas  32 x 40"   c. James Gucwa 2023

A collector of my art commissioned me to paint the once popular entry to

Greasewood Flat (now closed). He wanted a dramatic Arizona sunset included. This is the result. He loved it.

Alice with painting email.jpg

Western Motel   acrylic/canvas   48"x64"    c. James Gucwa

This long-time famous rocker loves my art. He commissioned me to paint this canvas for him. Great guy, great musician, and great collector. Thanks, Alice.

In Armenia        acrylic/canvas        24"x32"        c. James Gucwa 2014

An American documentary filmmaker shooting in Armenia asked me to paint this scene along the Armenian countryside. He wanted a typical Armenian language roadside sign to be included. Once again a happy client.

Heritage on the Alaskan Highway           acrylic/canvas             48"x64" c. James Gucwa  2014

A dentist living in Yukon, Canada wanted an original painting of his Harley Heritage sitting near a bridge along the Alaskan Highway. I liked the result, so did he.

Hungry Buffalo      acrylic/canvas     40"x50"     c. James Gucwa  2019

The owner of an Arizona Steakhouse named The Hungry Buffalo commissioned me to paint a buffalo for his entryway. Happy campers all.

Happy Birthday, Dad      acrylic/canvas    40"x32"    c. James Gucwa 2018

A Chicago businessman contacted me. He wanted to give his beloved father a special gift for his birthday, The father's small dog standing in front of a painting in the father's house was the deciding subject. Now there's a good son.

Caboose   acrylic/canvas    64"x48"     c. James Gucwa   2015

Another of my collectors wanted me to paint a canvas of a caboose from the rear. He asked me to include the Santa Fe logo. He and his wife were delighted.

Three Palms       acrylic/canvas      16"x24"        c. James Gucwa  2017

My wife and I wanted to spend a few weeks in Hawaii. An art gallery owner in Oahu, Hawaii liked my art. When I discovered he owned a beachfront home I asked if he was willing to barter with me: This painting of 3 palms in front of his 5 bedroom beachfront home on the North Shore of Oahu we the trade we made. For a few weeks we occupied his beautiful house. Smiles all around.

جيمس متاح للجان من جميع الأنواع - من اللوحات الواقعية إلى اللوحات الفوفيزمية لمشهد من اختيارك.  صور ، رسوم كاريكاتورية ، جداريات ، وأكثر من ذلك. تواصل معنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني لمناقشة التفاصيل.


















فيما يلي بعض العينات من الأنماط المتوفرة بأسعار معقولة للصورة والكاريكاتير.

James at his easel painting 'Ranch Motel.

Let me paint a custom subject of your choice.

Above are a few commissions I've painted for clients. In all my years I have never had a dissatisfied customer. Guaranteed satisfaction. I'll try my best to work within your budget. You can even get in-progress photos if you'd like. Let's talk. Call me directly at 928 358 1558 MST (no text). I'm waiting.

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